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Oaklands College vs Rydens Enterprise School

Oaklands College took a 20-0 win in the WEABL re-arranged fixture on Monday afternoon after an unfortunate forfeit by Rydens Enterprise School.

The game started with the teams ready to finish the WEABL regular season in style as Oaklands looked to warm up ahead of this Wednesdays first round of playoffs.

The home side jumped out to an emphatic early lead and it was cruise control as the home side sat on a 46-7 point lead, when an unfortunate injury occurred without incident for Rydens’ Mawa Julia-Bagate at the 14 minute mark which meant she was unable to continue.

Once the player had been safely attended to the away side, rather than continue with four players, decided to forfeit.

Oaklands had a spread of scorers with all of 26 minutes remaining in the game. It was the never internally rival of the Nagy twins leading the way for Oaklands as Anna sat on 17 and Krisztina on 13 as the game was called off.

“It was a shame to see the game and the season end that way for Rydens” said Head of Performance Lee Ryan.

“We wish the player a speedy recovery, its been a difficult first season for Rydens.

“For us we are back at it on Wednesday and the players are looking forward to the raised competition level in the playoffs.”

Oaklands welcome Nottingham Academy to Hertfordshire on Wednesday 15th March at 4pm in the WEABL playoffs