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Moulton College withdraw from WEABL

Moulton College are withdrawing from the 2021/22 WEABL season, with immediate effect.

After struggling against a number of season ending injuries, plus general player availability, the decision has been taken to cease the programme’s maiden WEABL season.

“Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control, we’ve had to withdraw,” said a crest-fallen Tom Brinkley, Moulton’s head coach .

“Despite relaunching the programme and displaying a strong work rate and tenacity, the 2021/22 season was too soon for the team to step up to this level.

“We will continue to develop and recruit players ready for the 2022/23 season and a return to the WEABL.

“We’ve a lot of interest for next season already, with players looking to attend the college. Words can’t express our disappointment right now though.”

Moulton College sports hall (Moulton College)

Speaking about the decision to move to the WEABL from AoC competition, where Moulton were highly successful over a number of years, Brinkley added: “With no middle ground between AoC competition and the WEABL, as a programme we challenged ourselves to push on rather than stay still and not really develop.

“It wasn’t to be this year, but we’ll be back.”

AoC, who administer the WEABL competition, have taken the joint-decision with Basketball England to remove Moulton’s four games to date, voiding the contests that have already taken place against Manchester, Nottingham, Derby and Charnwood.

The Northern conference will be reduced to five teams, with all Moulton’s future fixtures removed from the schedule.