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Player of the Week: Maya Hyacienth

Maya Hyacienth has been named the Player of the Week in the WEABL for the second time this season.

The junior international scored 12 points and added six rebounds along with six steals in CoLA’s victory on the road against Myerscough.

“This was a great game to have played and we are definitely starting to come together as one,” she said.

“I believe it was our defensive performance that helped us get the win.

“I am thankful to have received this award for the second time – but it would not have been possible without my teammates and undeniable support from my coach.”

Head Coach Jackson Gibbons added: “I couldn’t be happier for Maya, she’s a tireless worker with a great attitude to the game, we are so excited to see what the future holds for her and I’m sure there will be more positives to come.

“Maya really fits what we do here, both on the floor and off the court character-wise, she adds value in all she does.”

CoLA next face Oaklands as they continue league action on February 21.