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WEABL 3×3 National Finals Set After Regional Qualifiers

All three Regional Qualifier hosts advanced to the National Finals as the inaugural WEABL 3×3 event got underway, on Wednesday afternoon.

Oaklands, Nottingham and City of London Academy were joined by Charnwood, Barking Abbey and Copleston in qualifying for the National Finals to be played on Wednesday 11 January, 2017.

Charnwood swept through the Nottingham qualifier with 21-3 and 21-4 wins over Loreto and the hosts, Nottingham, before taking down Myerscough 15-10 in their final game.

Nottingham defeated Loreto 16-11 in the last game of the day to book their place in the Finals having started the event with an important 10-7 success against Myerscough.

“It was amazing to have 3×3 events in the UK,” said Charnwood Head Coach Krumesh Patel.

“The team did a great job carrying in experiences from Estonia to perform well in the competition.

“It’s a different platform and the girls really enjoyed it and it showed today in their performance. We look forward to the National Finals of the competition.”

CoLA went 4-0 in their Regional Qualifier but had to endure a couple of nail-biting affairs with Barking Abbey. The home side etched out 9-8 and 14-13 victories over BA, whilst also beating Greig City 15-9 and 18-8.

Barking Abbey enjoyed a one-point victory of their own by edging Greig City in an 11-10 win before closing the day with a more comfortable 16-9 victory to book their spot in the Finals.

“I thought it was really competitive, challenging and intense – it was really good,” said CoLA’s Chandera Jones Aryeh. “I’ve never played official 3×3 before, but it was really good to try out.

“It feels really good to qualify, we didn’t play our best here so it’s good we can go onto the next level and try again.”

Oaklands also went 4-0 in the third Regional Qualifier as they eased through their group, led by GB Senior Kyla Nelson. They started with double-digit victories over both Copleston and Rydens before following with an 11-4 win over Copleston and 21-3 success against Rydens.

Copleston ensured they would advance as the runners-up after bouncing back from defeats to Oaklands with 19-5 and 20-17 victories over Rydens.

The final standings for each qualifier are as follows:

Oaklands College Regional

1) Oaklands 4-0
2) Copleston 2-2
3) Rydens 0-4

Nottingham Regional

1) Charnwood 3-0
2) Nottingham 2-1
3) Myerscough 1-2
4) Loreto 0-3

City of London Academy Regional

1) City of London Academy 4-0
2) Barking Abbey 2-2
3) Greig City 0-4

Full results

Oaklands regional qualifier
Game 1: Oaklands 21-6 Copleston
Game 2: Rydens 5-21 Oaklands
Game 3: Rydens 5-19 Copleston
Game 4: Copleston 4-11 Oaklands
Game 5: Oaklands 21-3 Rydens
Game 6: Copleston 20-17 Rydens

Nottingham regional qualifier
Game 1: Nottingham 10-7 Myerscough
Game 2: Charnwood 21-3 Loreto
Game 3: Nottingham 4-21 Charnwood
Game 4: Myerscough 14-3 Loreto
Game 5: Myerscough 10-15 Charnwood
Game 6: Nottingham 16-11 Loreto

City of London Academy regional qualifier
Game 1: CoLA 9-8 Barking Abbey
Game 2: Greig City 9-15 CoLA
Game 3: Greig City 10-11 Barking Abbey
Game 4: Barking Abbey 13-14 CoLA
Game 5: CoLA 18-8 Greig City
Game 6: Barking Abbey 16-9 Greig City